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My "new" Zetec S

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HI All,

Had a nice little trip today to Chester, from London, to pick up a 1.6 Zetec S

Wheel Automotive parking light Car Tire Vehicle

Very clean, 97K on clock - paid £1850.

Only issues I've found are:
Airbag light on
Nasty noise from O/S electric window when initially going down.

It drives really well , so stopped off at breakers in Birmingham and treated it to these:

Automotive design Motor vehicle Armrest Vehicle Head restraint

Full leather interior, I was resigned to fitting ST leather seats, but apparently these are out of a special edition Zetec. Not heated, but the heated ones in my ST arn't all that so I'm really not bothered.
Gonna clean up toimmorrow with leather cleaner and then fit (y)
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Hi All,
well they say every day is a school day and I;ve learnt somethig today
If you need to press out polyflex bearings - use something a lot smaller than the bush ID or you:
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Rip the flange off the bush - OOOps.
I never liked mauve anyway :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
So now I''ve got to clean up and paint the rear bush holders -

Wood Wall Gas Rectangle Font

Then the yellow bushes can go in
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HI All,

Well, as I'm starting a week of nights tonight, decided to just get on with it and build up the subframe.
arb bushes arrived
Had a nightmare getting the new rear bushes in
I had planned on fitting the subframe to the car, then fitting the wishbones, but after the pig I had getting them in on a dry run decided they are staying in.
Rim Gas Composite material Auto part Automotive wheel system

So, roll on next week when I'm off work and I can fit ( bet it rains the whole week)
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Hi All,

Finally finished my week of nights this morning and set about stripping the car down.
O/S came apart pretty easily which was expected as I'd had apart less than a month ago
Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Motor vehicle

N/S is a different issue, ball joint pinch bolt is siezed solid & carrier bolts have rounded.
I'm hoping I can get the wishbone bolts out so I can remove the wishbone/hub/strut as one assembly - none of them are being re used
Anyway I need sleep now so will carry on in a few hours
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Hi All,

Well it gets worse, shock top pinch bolt was so corroded I snapped a 3/8th snap on 2" extension bar. Bottom ball joint pinch bolt sheared and its so corroded I cant drift the bolt out.
Both 13mm rear wishbone mount bolts sheared 1 flush so no problem, 1 about 5mm out so it stops the mount coming out of the subframe

All thats holding the subframe in now are the 2 13mm front bolts, the lower engine mount & the rack bolts.
Drenched everything in penetrating oil, don't want anything else to shear
Hi All,

Well finally a day with some limited success.
Managed to get the sheared wishbone pinch bolt with some heat and the remains of the snapped extension bar.
Seperated the ball joint and lifted the strut/hub out complete which allowd better access to the rear wishbone mount.
Managed to pry the subframe down just enough to get the wishbone free.
Dropped the subframe to access the rack nuts ( not looking forrward to trying to get them back in )
Only issue left, I can't get the lower engine mount bolts out.
To get the subframe out I only need to remove the rear bolt, but I'd like to get the whole bracket free as I am planning to polybush the mount in future.
Anyway loads of penetrating oil applied and I'll try again tommorrow
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Hood Automotive exterior

I am properly knackered now :)
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Hi All,

Well finally, subframe out....
Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Automotive wheel system

On Initial inspection the zetec subframe looks the same as an ST one, its got a 19mm ARB, but a 25mm lower engine mount as opposed to the ST's 30mm, so I'll be fitting an ST one when it all goes back together.

As you can see from the pic, theres no bracket on the lower engine mount, I could not get it off, maybe I missed a bolt

Tommorrow I'll measure it up against the refurbed ST subframe to make sure the new one fits

Al :)
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The exhaust hangers are in different locations on the subframes, so be aware you may need to make that work.
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The exhaust hangers are in different locations on the subframes, so be aware you may need to make that work.
Hi Zippy...
( Loads of expletives ) yeah I see that now.
Looks like theres some grinding and welding to be done :)
Hi All,

Well, after measuring both the subframes the only differences I can find are the exhaust hanger ( as zippy mentioned ) and the bracket ( red circle )

Gas Auto part Electric blue Cylinder Machine

As I've gone to the expense & trouble of powder coating the ST subframe above, I'm not going to start hacking it up, so will refit the zetec one ( until I can modify and powder coat my spare ST subframe )
Now I've removed a subframe, I'm not concerned about doing it again and as I've fully cleaned all the bolts am confident I could do the swap over in a day, I supose like most jobs on a 15 year old car, its not a difficult job as long as nothings siezed,
I'm going to try and grind the exhaust hanger off the ST subframe carefully so theres as little to repair as possible on the subframe
Found this, which I should be able to bend to make the new hanger
Office supplies Nickel Aluminium Metal Fashion accessory

Its only £6, and mild steel, so I can weld it on with the welding kit I have available
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Hi All,

Well, as I'm getting really fed up getting the bus everywhere, I'm going to refit the zetec subframe. as it is. I've done all the measurements I need to relocate the exhaust hanger on the ST subframe, so that can be done in due course.
Had an opportunity today to clean up all the subframe mounting bolts, happy with how they turned out
Computer keyboard Wood Household hardware Automotive tire Input device

Fingers x'd that Sunday will be rain free and I can get this car back together
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Just found out I'm not off work till tuesday
Anyway. Subframe back together
Bicycle part Bumper Gas Composite material Automotive exterior

Not as pretty as I would have liked, but hopefully I can get in in tommorrow morning
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Hi All,

With a lot of help from my neighbour - subframe back in
Automotive tire Hood Mammal Carnivore Fender

Not the most pleasant job to do on the ground, but after cleaning up all the bolts and applying copper grease theyv've all gone back in fine.
Most awkward bit was getting the rack nuts on.
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Hi All,

Loose fitted the struts
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Rim Gas

not looking forward to fitting the top caps

Wood Metal Carmine Font Soil

more fun tommorrow
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HI All,

I ache like hell aftr the last couple of days crawling around under this car !!!
Limited success today, fitted the struts, AR bar links, had a job getting the ball joints in but finally succeeded
Car Vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting

Gave up fitting the strut top covers as even without the struts in place I couldn't get under the scuttle panel.
I'm thinking of spraying them to match the car so will have another go in future.
Big set back:
I could not get the zetec S calipers to fit the focus carriers, I don't know if its me or they just dont fit, but reverted to the refurnbed ST calipers which went on fine.
I had planned on fitting these but not yet.
Anyway, all the brake unions are soaked in penetrating oil now. I've got braided lines and new solid pipes so will have a go at getting the brake lines changed later in the week.
Only other thing left to do is to try and get the lower engine mount bracket off the zetec and see if the powerflex unit thats on the ST will fit.
I'm off to spend the rest of the day soaking in the bath :rolleyes:
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Hi All,

Had a go seperating the caliper flexi hoses from the solid brake pipes.
Initially I din't think I stood a chance as everything was heavily corroded, but managed it on both sides.
Automotive tire Rim Automotive wheel system Gas Auto part

looking at the state of the solid pipes I'm thinking of replacing to the next connection.
I don't mind doing a job once, but, if it mails an mot on these pipes I won't be impressed
The o/s didn't look as bad when I was doing it, but, if I'm going to change 1 solid pipe I might as well do both sides
Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Gas Electrical wiring

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Hi All,

Just wanted to see what the new wheels would look like with the bigger discs
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Wheel

yeah, like it (y)
I've got a set of black wheel nuts, just need to spray up the locking nuts to match.
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Hi All,

Successful day, managed to get both the solid brake pipes off and replace, then fitted flexis

Automotive tire Tire Bicycle part Plumbing Gas

Properly knackered after an early turn, so having a break then start on the lower engine mount and exhaust rubber ( maybe I should have done the rubber before fully fitting the subframe )
I'll be interested to see how it sits on the lowered springs.
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Hi All,

Well for a change I'm happy with progress today and thanks to LloydST for all the likes
Pleased to say lower engine mount on the zetec S and ST are exactly the same.
There is 1 small differnce in the way they fit:
An ST has 3 bolts going through the front bracket and into the gearbox
A Zetec has 2 normal bolts and 1 that is a kind of stud ( the top one) it uses this to hold what looks possibly like a lambder sensor multiplug in place.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Car Vehicle

So now the front end is fully polybushed.
Gonna fit the exhaust rubber and bleed the brakes tommorrow, then replace the rear springs, get it tracked and hopefully "jobs a good un".
I'm properly fed up with getting the bus to work :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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Hi All,

Bled the brakes tonight,
I admit I wasn't looking forward to it as I've done dozens of bike brake hose changes and it can be a nightmare purging the air, especially after fitting new braided hoses, but it went a dream, start to finish in under 20 mins.
Great pedal so very happy.
Managed to get exhaust rubber back on without too much effort, then wheels off and off axle stands.
Annoyed with myself that I didn't take some pictures before I changed the shocks as with the 35mm lowering sprngs it dosn't look that low.
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

And. looking at the pictures I just realised I forgot to fit the springs to the calipers before putting the wheels back on - doh.
Weather permitting, tommorrow, I want to get the rear springs changed over,
I've got the abs light on atm, hoping that when I drive the car it will reset ( fingers x'd)
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Hi All,

Made a start at doing the rear springs, bottom bolts were properly siezed, but with a bit of persuation got them out.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Locking hubs Motor vehicle

Was hoping just to do the springs, but both struts are totally knackered.

As I've got new struts, carried on, and bow to @Marv_st knowledge, the top mount bolts are accessable without removing the liner, but I'm having a pig of a job getting a socket to locate - tried 10,11,12 & 13 and cant get any to go properly onto the bolt head.

Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Grey Tire

Taken a break as I'm getting annoyed with it now :eek:

1 last thing which I would appreciate some advice with, which way up should I fit the yellow spring, tight coils to top or bottom ?
Plant Automotive tire Wood Tire Yellow

Many thx - Al
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