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My "new" Zetec S

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HI All,

Had a nice little trip today to Chester, from London, to pick up a 1.6 Zetec S

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Very clean, 97K on clock - paid £1850.

Only issues I've found are:
Airbag light on
Nasty noise from O/S electric window when initially going down.

It drives really well , so stopped off at breakers in Birmingham and treated it to these:

Automotive design Motor vehicle Armrest Vehicle Head restraint

Full leather interior, I was resigned to fitting ST leather seats, but apparently these are out of a special edition Zetec. Not heated, but the heated ones in my ST arn't all that so I'm really not bothered.
Gonna clean up toimmorrow with leather cleaner and then fit (y)
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HI All,

Had a look for the PAS leak and it appears to be coming from the reseviour cap, which is strange as all the time i was taking the car out for test drives had no leaks
Anyway, cleaned as much of the oil away as I could and changed the cap for the one I got on the ST relocation kit ( transit reseviour )

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Got a friend, whos a mechanic coming round later to give me his opinion on the rack as it feels a bit notchy to me ( but that might be normal ) and theres a woooshingg noise on full lock ( both directions )
So we will see how we get on.
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Hi All,

Well, everything went pretty well, it looks like I was getting wound up about the rack as my friend ( who knows better than me ) says it feels fine.
Also, the noise on full lock he says is normal.
There is a bit of noise from the top hats, but the springs don't jump anymore, so will get the wheels back on tommorrow
Hopefully this is the end of the issues and I can get back to concentrating on the ST and forget about getting buses everywhere.
Had no leak from the PAS with the new cap fitted, I suspect I may have overfilled the reseviour
Hi All,

Took the car for a good run yesterday, on fast smooth A roads is great, but on anything slightly bumpy its horrible, can hear the springs groan and when you turn the wheel at low speeds you get the same groaning noise.
Think I'm going to have to drop the shocks out and check the top hats.
The PAS caps are rubbish, I sorted mine with a thicker o ring but then I couldn't get the bloody thing off!
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Hi All,

Had an opportunity to go over the suspension again yesterday, found a few things :

I'd done everything up with the car on axle stands, with it on the ground, found the drop links were loose in the arb, tightened up
Found that whilst the front subframe bolts were tight, Managed to get 1 turn tighter

With these done its a lot better, most of the clunks are gone, but still get groans which sound like they come from the front shocks when steering and creaks from what sounds like the springs when coming down off speed bumps.

Found that when you turn the steering, the top strut nut moves on the top hat ( side to side ) I tightened these nuts whilst the strut was off the car, but am wondering if I try nipping up with an impact gun it might get it a bit tighter ) - I'll try later

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Hi All,

Well, tightening the top strut mounts made no difference.

I'm 100% happy everything is tight now, so that leaves me with the thought that something I've fitted is either poor quality (new) or damaged ( second hand )

Aftermarket new parts are :
ARB Bushes
Wishbone bushes

Second Hand parts
Front hub knuckles

I'm tempted to fit the bIlstein B6's with eibach springs I took off the ST ( as I had no noise from them ) - even if its just to rule out the shocks/springs.

This car is driving me mad :eek:
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Hi All,

Been using the car for the last couple of days now and its still horrible, nothing has bedded in

Every time I hit a bump get the same creaking noise and coming off speed bumps get a massive clunk ( sounds like the shocks are bottoming out )

Resigned to the fact that the springs I bought are junk, I phoned an eibach supplier, we had a really good chat about the issues I was having and although he could have just flogged me £186 worth of springs suggested that springs very rarely squeek and the problem may be somewhere else.

He also stated that there shouldn't be an issue using OEM struts with lowering springs.

So I'm back to square 1.

I don't need the car next week so am tempted just to take it apart, replace the rear wishbone bushes with powerflex and then rebuild

Even considering fitting the rack I took out of my ST
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As you know, I'm a complete noob regarding Fiestas, but I had "groaning adventures" with a CL7 Accord. Was doing my head in for a solid month. Lifting the car up in the air and going over all the suspension bits by trying to rock the wheel up/down and sidewards gave no results, using a prybar to check components also gave no results. No apparent excessive movement anywhere. To make it even more confusing, after standing for a while (overnight) the car would not "groan" for like the first 5 - 10 minutes of driving.
I got so fed up that I took a syringe with some oil and injected it into one rubber boot at a time. Ended up being a lower ball joint that had no free play in it, the rubber boot looked fine as well, but as soon as I started injecting oil into it, it started pouring out from a hairline split. Basically, it was dry and rusted on the inside, causing it to "groan" while going over bumps, or braking.
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Sorry to say this and no offence meant but this is why I always tried to do one job at a time on the car, as the more you change in one go the harder it's going to be to trace issues.
Sorry to say this and no offence meant but this is why I always tried to do one job at a time on the car, as the more you change in one go the harder it's going to be to trace issues.
Hi Jimmy,
Not @ all mate, absolutly valid comment. 😢
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