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Hi all need a bit of help,

I’m trying to find some new rear wheel hubs with the bearings already fitted, ordered a pair went to fit them and the pins didn’t line up… I look online and the ones I ordered seem to be the only shape I can find. I’ve managed to find one that looks the same but not sure if it will fit. Also will my old mount for the brake calipers attach to the new hub? Because when I took my old ones off it looked like it was all one piece?

If I’m looking at the complete wrong thing any guidance in the right direction as to what I need is much appreciated 👍 thanks guys
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Hi danj,

I looked at your post yesterday and its a nightmare for anyone to try and help you. ( not enough information )
I admit I don't know anythying about versions later than 6, yours could be a 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 ???
So, as a min, what version is yours >
Post pics of your hubs, the bits you bought etc etc
Then you might get some response
Good Luck
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