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Panel Gap Fords QC

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I think these 2 photos on the panel gap between the wing and bonnet speak for itself didn't notice it until l was machine polishing the car today
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Is there a easy fix ie can the bonnet be move the left side has around a 3mm gap between wing and bonnet the other gap is around 9 mm
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There’s already threads about panel gaps, on my 2019 ST there’s a lot of gaps and angled gaps , pretty bad like
OK I'll check that thread out. Pal, if it was on a lighter colour, it would be pretty dreadful looking
Wait till you see the haps around the rear lights. The tailgate on all mk8s and mk8.5s seems to be set too high.
I just checked the tailgate/rear tail lights alignment and it's pretty spot on to be honest
1 - 3 of 8 Posts