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The April comp was won again by @V5 STV Great shot and another well deserved win :)

Steve has chosen the theme for the May's competition to be "Beading".

Let's continue the year with some amazing photography work :)

Rules are:

1) Submitted pictures must have a Fiesta ST (or part of a Fiesta ST) in it. If it is not your ST, then you must have taken the photograph.

2) The photo's must not be photo shopped. Although colour and contrast can be tweaked.

3) Max two entries per person. But you can chop and change your entries as you like up until the closing date.

4) All photo's should be posted in this topic.

5) Keep the topic to photo entries on the theme only. Any entries that do not fit the criteria above/comments, will be removed without warning.

If you wish to discuss photos, ask locations...what camera...what settings etc, you can do so here.

After the closing date club staff and admin will vote on and select the top 5 photos and then post a poll thread in which you can vote for your overall favorite pic. Reps/Admin/Staff who enter, cannot cherry pick their own entry for the final 5. The winner will then choose the subject for the following month (subject to approval).

The closing date for entries will be approx one week before the end of the month to give reps/staff/admin a chance to choose the top 5 pics and also enough time to get votes for the competition. If the winner is unable to select a topic in time for the next month the topic will be chosen by the reps/staff/admin.

The winner will also be entered into the end of year vote off with the overall winner getting 1 years free membership.

Closing date for entries will be close of play May 21st 2018
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