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My partner drives a 2007 Citroen C3 1.4. She has owned it from new and it has covered 55000 miles. She has never been keen on the car since the steering rack failed when it was a couple of months old. The steering rack was replaced on warranty but I guess you lose confidence in a car when such a serious problem develops after such a short time. Since then the car has been regularly serviced by a Citroen main dealer at the prescribed service intervals.

She has been complaining to the dealership for some time that the steering is noisy. There is certainly something not right as I can hear it when I have been a passenger in the car. We have checked wheel bearings and tyres. The Citroen dealership always said that they couldn't find a fault with it. Two weeks ago the car was serviced at the dealership and they confirmed that was was indeed a noise from the steering. They said that they didn't know what was wrong and told her not to worry to much about it. At that time the car had an MOT, which it passed.

My partner was driving the car yesterday and when she went round a roundabout the power steering completely failed. She had her two daughters in the car and it was a pretty unsettling experience for her. She was only a couple of miles from the dealership and very slowly drove it there. It should be looked at tomorrow.

I'm aware that this fault might not be related to the noisy steering. The C3 has electronic power steering and there is no pump so an electronic fault, e.g. battery not charging, can down the power system. I'm sure that the first thing that the dealership will do is to reset the ECU in the car. Several people online have reported that this rectifies the problem.

After two steering failures in four years, she has lost confidence in the car and has said that she does not want to drive it anymore. I am going to contact the dealership tomorrow to see what they might offer. I guess it's possible that they would offer a really good trade in but she doesn't want another Citroen. I will also ask them how they think this failure could have occured when they had serviced and MOT'd the car only a couple of weeks ago.

If anyone can offer any advice on how I should proceed I would be really grateful. The main objective is to move the car on and get something else for minmal outlay. My partner is worried about selling the car privately. She said that if they failed to fix it properly and she sold it to someone who subsequently had an accident as a result of a steering failure she could not forgive herself.

Thanks for any advice that you can offer.
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