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Hi All

RS Combe tickets are now on sale in the club shop.

Please remember ONLY tickets bought via us will give you a stand pass for you to park on our stand.

Ticket sales close on 22nd April 2012- There will be NO tickets / stand pass available after that date.

Please Note :-

Once you have made a purchase from the shop it remembers your address to save you typing it for each purchase .... so if you move or think you have incorrectly typed your address you need to PM me.

If you get an e-mail informing you tickets have been dispatched this is incorrect .... Due to the volume of ticket sales & Merchandise I download and add your orders to my list a few at a time, they then get marked as "shipped" so i know where I am !!!
Tickets will get dispatched the week before the show.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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