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I've been pondering about writing a build thread for nearly 5 years now, so here we are

Always wanted to modify a car from a young age so when I graduated I promised myself I'd get one

Experience working on cars was limited to changing the brakes on my Dad's VW Passat a couple of times so the aim of my modifications were to learn the ins and outs of working on cars while not breaking the bank (I know buy cheap, buy twice but I'm a sucker for a bargain)

I picked up this 64 plate Spirit Blue ST3 from a Ford Dealer, £10,000 with 20k miles on it

The car already had a few modifications on which made it more appealing:
  • TRC front splitter
  • MR230 package
  • Mountune lowering springs all round

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Grille Vehicle Car

Automotive parking light Wheel Car Tire Vehicle

Tire Vehicle registration plate Wheel Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Land vehicle

Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire Plant

Automotive tail & brake light Automotive parking light Car Automotive lighting Hood

I think I already had a few mods ordered at this point to go on the car

But the first job was to give it a good clean and wax

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Next up on the list was to improve the warm white bulbs that come as standard. Being projector headlights, I went down the route of HID bulbs to increase the output. I liked the idea of the Ice-White 5000k colour for optimum output so found the cheapest set on Ebay to test them out.

Before photo:
Automotive lighting Light Hood Asphalt Automotive design

After photo:
Automotive lighting Car Vehicle Automotive mirror Street light

The reported ice white colour was definitely more of a blue colour, seemed more like 4k than 5k but so much brighter than standard

I decided to take a few photos while I was passing an old disused airbase down south

Wheel Tire Sky Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Sky Car

Wheel Tire Car Sky Vehicle

Tire Wheel Water Vehicle Car

I was intrigued as to the 14000k HID's as they produce a more dark blue colour (spirit blue?), so I ordered a set to trial as fog lights to test the colours...but that's for another post

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The Fleabay HID's lasted about 4 days, 1 long commute back from the south to the midlands in the dark and I couldn't stand the blue tint to the beam.
All the fiesta facebook group seemed to rave about Autobeam so I ordered a light upgrade from them:
  • 5000k Main Beam HID
  • Reverse Light
  • Number plate lights
-Interior light set (blue)

Automotive lighting Car Vehicle Automotive mirror Street light

Cloud Sky Vehicle Automotive lighting Plant

Window Automotive lighting Plant Building Vehicle

Also got a couple of photos with the blue-ish fog lights in which I didn't particularly like so I decided to put these in the same place as the other Ebay HID.
Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Car Automotive tail & brake light Land vehicle

Car Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Vehicle

Automotive lighting Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Motor vehicle Headlamp

Reverse Lights:
Automotive lighting Amber Sky Headlamp Mode of transport

Number plate lights:
Hood Plant Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Interior Before:
Vehicle Car Automotive design Plant Speedometer

Interior after:
Car Vehicle Blue Hood Wheel

I was keen on the blue interior lights, until I went to read something and turned the map light on to find out that was also blue.....
Luckily, Autobeam send a set of bright white sidelight upgrades for non-DRL headlights. These fit perfectly in the map light connector so these were replaced straight away

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I prefer having a set of ramps rather than working off axel stands as it makes for an easier option when you don't require the wheels to come off

Had to make some extenders for the VW passat ramps to miss the splitter on the car

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

I uses some plywood and batons to create a more shallow angle on the ramps, I added a screw and a recess hole to allow them to be removable. Overall it added ~0.5m to the length of the ramp
Hood Light Table Wood Bumper

Now onto my first power mod. Well more of an engine mod as opposed to directly influencing power. Although the symposer has been seen to leak which could cause a reduction in power.

A lot of symposer deletes online were £20+ and for what it is, I thought it could be done for cheaper.

I measured up the hole for a blanking plug, then took a little trip to the bathroom showroom for a PVC pipe plug to bung the symposer.
Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper

I couldn't hear much improvement in the noise as the MR230 kit on the car had a catback exhaust and a sports cat which drowned any other noise in the cabin over 2.5k revs

I got an interior mod too, with the colours of the car. I think they are called lucky mummys.
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Light Blue

Next up was more engine work and a valuable lesson about symposer bungs

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  • Symposer delete
  • RAM Air crossover
  • Turbosmart Shortie Plumback

So turned out the bathroom plug for the symposer delete tried to evacuate the engine bay on the way to the gym which cause a mighty noise hitting the underside of the bonnet. Luckily it was plastic and once I found it on the side of the road I popped it back in and stayed underboost until I got home. Replaced with an Alloy one with double ribs and double clamps to stop it going anywhere. Doesn't look too bad either.
Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle door Automotive exterior Car

I also purchased a RAM Air crossover pipe for less restrictions in the intake section and added induction noise. Now the ramps were done I also got around fitting the turbosmart blow off valve, really didn't like the atmospheric dump valve sounds so I went with the plumb back which, as it suggests, plumbs back into the system when venting.

Hood Automotive design Table Wood Bumper
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