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Hi All,

Hope you can help withy a few small queries regarding MK6 ST side skirts.

I've recently bought some side skirt extensions to match my front splitter

Wheel Tire Car Sky Vehicle

These come with 7 off ss M6 x 15 bolts each side so the skirts will need to come off.
I searched the site but could only find 1 post, where the owner only released the top edgte and replaced the plastic clips, but the clip sets I've get include from memory, 3 rivits which I believe go up through the lowr eedge of the skirt into the cill.
Are these rivits originally metal ( link the ones that scure the rear bumper ) or plastic like in the kit ?

Even if there is a way of bolting the side skirts on without removing the whole skirt, I do need the skirts off as I need to make an accurate template of the skirt mounting holes, so I can fit ST side skirts to my zetec S ( the only part of the ST kit they never fitted to the ST )

Lastly, if anyone has removed the skirts, do the plastic clips just go through holes in the cills etc or are there grommets ( I don't think this is likely as I can't find any on the fiche drawings below, but any help would be appreciated

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Many thanks


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The "fat" end of the clip labelled HX1 goes through the skirt and into the chassis sill, then you push the plastic pin in, and it mushrooms out inside the sill like a rivet would

Then to remove the skirt, you push the pin all the way through the clip and the rivet then contracts again. Unfortunately you have to push the pin all the way through and the clip is then not reusable, and the pin will end up left inside the sill. I think if you left a bit of the pin protruding when installing, it might be possible to pull it back out again and reuse them. It's hard to explain but hopefully you'll get what I mean when you see it.

The clip next to it in the box 20148 goes on the side of the car. They are very hard to get out of the body once in.
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