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The mountune kit is good, but there is a reason its warranty friendly, because it dosent really push the car that hard,

best thing would be go with somebody like Collins, laird, pumaspeed , Peron or Revo for your stage 1

and if your looking for a stage 2 ,
get a upgraded induction kit like ITG and an upgraded inter cooler , of which there are many on the market and second hand.
for much better results get some better pipes like a new crossover pipe and induction hose.
you wont need anything crazy like a new turbo piping or even a new exhaust , but a cat back would improve performance.
and get one of the same company's above to tune it to stage 2 Collins, laird, pumaspeed , Peron or Revo.
( fordy ford on youtube does a good comparison on all the above tunes)

Although the best and most simple upgrade if you dont have any on at the moment, is a good set of tyres, Such as Eagle f1, Michelin ps4/5 , uniroyale rainsport 5 or nankang ns-2r
there is no point in getting a stage 2 or even 1 if you have tyres that perform like they were made from used chewing gum in a chinese basement.
you will get alot of "them tyres are s*it" and "these are the only good tyres for an st-180" when it comes to tyres all the above are solid tyres.

As i said the Mountune kit is good , but there is better bang for your buck out there.
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