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Hi everyone,

I have had my ST for 2 weeks now, and I thought it was time I got a few photos of it. Its a 55 plate Colorado Red / Full Black Leather with 18,000 miles on the clock and Full Ford History. It's the first Ford I have ever owned. Not sure why it has taken me this long to get one but there you go!

Since buying it I have done a few bits to it......

Full wash, Clay and polish using a load of the Meguires stuff

Lowered it by 30/35mm with Eibach springs (Looks a lot less like a 4x4 now)

Fitted new Black/Red Gear lever and handbrake gaiters

Removed the grey plastics and resprayed them in Satin Black

Fitted Osram White/Blue headlight and Foglight bulbs

Fitted Fiesta STOC Stickers

Fitted aero wipers to the front - Got a smooth rear wiper arm/blade on its way

Still need to paint the brake callipers red......a job for this week

I am wanting a CAT back exhaust, but not sure what to get at the moment. It will need to be resonated though I think, Don't want it too loud, I am 39 after all.

I will be going to the Ford Fair on 17th July at Squires Cafe, Sherburn-In-Elmet, Hope to see some of you there.



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