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Seems like my beloved 2014 MK7 ST is now starting to cost me a few extra pennies after 9 years of trouble free ownership! ☹

After replacing a new coolant hose etc last week, I’ve now had to purchase and install a new oil cooler as I discovered that there was I small crack in one of the metal pipes and it was slightly seeping coolant grrrr

I spent a few hours this morning swapping them over….no easy feet as such but managed to sort it all while laying on my back! 😅

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 that this will now be the last of this annoying leaking coolant issue as pretty much everything is brand new.

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Wasnt too impressed with how quiet the car sounded, on startup , idle and on full chat. So found a Mountune cat back on facebook and this is what I was getting .

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Arrived and as the backbox and tips were looking a bit sorry for themselves, broke out the metal polishing kit including tar removal and went to town. A few hours later we get this

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Think you would agree much better :)
Then today when the rain stopped stripped out the factory one piece. God that was an arse getting it past the rear axle. In the end out came the angle grinder :)
Then the new one went on, far quicker and did the obligatory before and after sound check

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