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I fitted mine today. You have to tinker around at the ends to get a flush fit on the lip. Also I opened up the holes on the end two tabs so I could get the scrivets to hold as they originally did. There are tabs on the top of the splitter that need shaving off as there are no holes for them to slot into, you could drill holes but it would be difficult to get the position. So I drilled holes where the tabs had been to put self tappers in. I used a pack of self-drilling low profile pancake head screws 5.5 x 19 from screwfix and M6 SS washers, although you probably don't need the washers. Seems nice and sturdy but large flange rivets would probably be better. it's a once only deal though as if you remove it you will see the holes. Also it doesn't really make the front any lower so no need to worry about speed bumps. Here are a few shots.
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